The wonderful thing about cheese boards is you can really create anything you want, sans cheese. A Valentine’s Day Board is a wonderful way to celebrate the love holiday.

A Cheese board for valentines day without the cheese

What You Need for a Valentine’s Day Board

  • Chocolate Cupcakes with pink frosting
  • Strawberries
  • Pink Yogurt covered pretzels
  • Red and Pink wrapped Hershey Kisses
  • Pink, white and red Jelly Beans

So anything red, pink or white! Don’t forget that some people enjoy cheese as a dessert. So it wouldn’t be a bad thing to add a little cheese to your dessert board. I love a nice parmesan cheese or something else that is a hard cheese. This also pairs perfectly with some wine or an after-dinner drink.

A dessert board for Valentine's Day
A Dessert board for Valentine's Day

Here’s how it Came Together

What else would you put on a Valentine’s Day Board? Comment below and don’t forget to tag #acheeseboard on Instagram to share your creations!

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Because I also care about the wine I drink!

My Scout & Cellar side gig!

I’m a Scout & Cellar devotee and I truly love this company and their products, hence my Scout & Cellar Side Gig. I love their mission, their wine and their affordable pricing for high-quality, clean-crafted wine.

I’m super careful about what I put into my body by selecting, eating and drinking healthy food. I love anything that prioritizes healthy, clean ingredients and no-added anything. I especially love the delivery right to my door.

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Even before starting her food blog, Burnt Macaroni, Christine had a passion for cheese, photography and sharing a meal with friends. A Cheese Board was created to inspire a cheese-loving community to share cheese with friends and family. You can also find Christine online at Christine Huston and on Instagram!

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