Trader Joe’s Cheese Board for Under $40

by Christine
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Trader Joe’s Cheese Board for Under $40

I decided to accept the challenge so many of my cheese board friends have taken. I don’t normally shop at Trader Joe’s but I will now. I was so impressed with their cheese selection, I decided to create a Trader Joe’s Cheese Board for Under $40! And have no doubt I will go back!

One thing I love about a cheese board is variety. I love to be able to combine flavors that create magic! For this Trader Joe’s Cheese Board, I started with four different kinds of cheese (one soft and three harder kinds of cheese). I also like to add slices of meat but in this case, I found a package with three different types of meat.

Trader Joe’s Cheese Board for Under $40

So here is what’s included in my Trader Joe’s Cheese Board for Under $40

  • Old Amsterdam Gouda Cheese
  • Creamy Toscano Cheese Soaked in Syrah
  • Grana Padano Parmesan
  • Chevre Fine Herbs Goat Cheese
  • Gourmet Deli Selection (Calabrese Salame, Del Duca Prosciutto, Capocollo)
  • Gourmet Olives with Lemon Herbs
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Pears (and pears wrapped in the prosciutto)
  • Salty, Savory & Tart Trail Mix
  • Wheat & Flaxseed Crackers
  • Ciabatta Bread

Enjoy this yummy Trader Joe’s Cheese Board. And I did it all for under $40! Pair it with your favorite wine for a wonderful cheese board for any occasion.

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